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Amy Durnford


Here I am creating a blog!....seriously, no joke!

Anyone who knows me knows that I am the least techie person you can find, but not only am I writing a blog...I just created a website! Yup! Little old me!

I guess that comes with passion, you change, and you adapt to change.

Two years ago, my experience with a computer and/or any electronic device was limited to facebook and online shopping...I could always figure out the way to get the low down on what was happening in Facebook Land or punch a few credit card numbers into a checkout because I was getting a deal. Hahaha! I guess Im a typical girl, that way. And here I am now with a website I've created myself, albeit, it's still a work in progress and will continue to be for some while..and I'm writing a blog.

Passion is what changed me for sure. Sew What? is my passion. A little hobby, turned full fledged business. My third "baby"...hours of labor means my girlies get the one and two spot! Its seems the better we do, the more customers that make contact, the more keepsakes we create--make me want to do even better, makes me want to do more.

Two years ago we started with basic tees/onesies. I simply purchased designs, programmed them into the machines and "babysat" the machines, so that the back wouldnt get sewn to the front :) Now we have dozens of products, we have over 6000 followers on Facebook, We have three embroidery machines, a heat press, tons of stock and no living room(Gotta store it all somewhere, right ?!) We create our own designs! We have had customers turn into friends and we have watched other peoples children grow before our very eyes! ....and we have a website, and me, the least techie person in the world am writing a blog. I still dont know how to use the smart TV, but am writing a blog...that people, is passion!!

Two years have went so quickly and I am sooooo looking forward to seeing where the next two will take this little of business of mine. Thanks for coming along for the ride!


Much love, Amy xo

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